CEO. Dr. Nicholas Haan, has spent the past 25 years in the the aid business. During this time he has lived and worked many years in remote villages in Africa, been a Peace Corps Volunteer, held senior roles at several United Nations agencies, been a subject matter expert during meetings at The White House, and managed global development projects as large as $30 million.

Dr. Haan has already created and implemented one global solution for inefficiency.  Called the IPC, it is the internationally recognized system for gauging the severity of disasters so that humanitarian assistance is efficiently and effectively allocated to people in need. He not only created the system, but drove its international adoption by unifying more than 30 national governments, 5 UN agencies, multiple donor agencies including USAID and the equivalent for the UK, EU and Canada, as well as dozens of NGO’s around the world.

Dr. Haan is currently the Director of Global Grand Challenges at Singularity University.  He has the capacity and network to deliver globally transformative solutions to humanity’s grand challenges.

Originally from California, Nick has a PhD in Geography, a Master’s in International Development, a Master’s in Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing from Clark University, and a Bachelor’s in Genetics from U.C. Berkeley.