How It Works


  1. Benefactor creates a Reward Fund to incentivize investors to fund solutions that achieve social/environmental objectives.
  2. Community implementers develop local solutions and submit project proposals after going through the GGB pre-screening process.
  3. GGB converts proposals into investment products by conducting due  diligence into implementers, risk assessment, and the potential to achieve the objective.
  4. Investors fund proposals  via the crowdfunding marketplace by selecting projects based on their personal risk profile and social impact goals, then follow the progress.
  5. Community Implementers receive funding, and execute on proposals.

If project is successful  investors are paid back initial investment + a financial return through the Reward Fund
If project fails Reward Fund remains untouched and investors incur a loss.



  1. A Benefactor launches a $5 million Reward Fund with the objective of improving education for girls in Kenya
  2. A Community Implementer, along with many others, submit a proposal. For the case of this Community Implementer they felt the most appropriate local solution is a girls dormitory which requires $20,000 to be built.
  3. Global Good Brokerage assesses the community implementer, project risk, and likely impact on the benefactor’s objectives. Based on the GGB rating system an annual interest rate of 10% is calculated.
  4. Investors, with many other projects to choose from, select the girls dormitory proposal on GGB’s platform and invest in the project.
  5. Community Implementer receives investment and executes project.

Scenario 1: All goes as planned

  1. An independent auditor verifies completion of project and GGB surveys the community about impact.
  2. GGB delivers report to Benefactor to show achievement of progressing girls education in Kenya.
  3. Investor is reimbursed $20,000 + a $2,000 return on investment, both drawn from the Benefactor’s Reward Fund.

Scenario 2: Monsoon hits during execution and worksite is wiped away

  1. GGB assesses the reasons for failure, and any impact generated from the failed project–both of which are reflected in the community implementers future ratings.
  2. Reward Fund remains untouched and reserved only for future successful projects.
  3. Investor suffers the loss without reimbursement


Who can be a benefactor?

An individual or an organization with a desire to make the world a better place and a willingness to reward proven solutions.

Examples include: Bilateral Donors, Foundations, Philanthropists, Corporate Social Responsibility Funds, High Net Worth Individuals

What is your role?

You are the catalyst. Change begins with you choosing a social/environmental Objective, pledging a Reward Fund, and launching a Challenge on GGB. Your Reward Fund is used to incentivize investors to assume the risk and fund projects that will achieve your objective. When communities have implemented their solutions successfully, investors will be reimbursed and receive a return on investment from your pledged Reward Fund.

Why use GGB?

  • No risk and 100% Value for Money – with investors assuming the risk, you only pay for successful projects that achieve your objectives.
  • Measurable success of social/environmental objectives- after each project is completed you will receive a detailed report outlining all milestones that were met and the social/environmental impact of this solution.
  • Professional project management – financial and project management experts at Global Good Brokerage vett community implementers, assign our GGB Rating System, and monitor project progress with highly trained field analysts.
  • Catalyze innovation of social finance and development assistance– there is a strong call for financial innovation and accountability in development assistance. You can develop and pioneer this solution with us
How to use GGB (Benefactor)

Who are possible implementers ?

Any officially registered organization with direct ties to local communities and has the demonstrated capacity to deliver on development projects.

Examples are: Local~National NGO or Civil Society Organization, International Organization with strong community links

What is your role?

This stage is built for you.

Benefactors identify social objectives and investors are eager to fund your solutions. You know the community, you know the challenges, you have the capacity, now you just need funding.

We will conduct initial due diligence into your organization before allowing you on the platform. After that you are free to submit as many proposals as you like to achieve benefactor objectives and tap into our global network of impact investors. If your proposal receives full funding then you will be responsible for reaching all the project milestones as well as communicating these to your GGB investor base.

This whole system is setup to lessen financial barriers and empower you to improve lives.

What’s in it for you?

  • Streamlined funding – GGB simplifies and expedites the funding process by connecting CBO’s directly with investors. No more burdensome bureaucracy.
  • Visibility – The GGB platform exposes  your community initiatives to investors and benefactors around the world. Our hope is that these connections will not only lead to funding but meaningful and fruitful relationships that accelerate your potential.
  • Credibility and future funding – As you implement successful projects your GGB Rating will increase, and thereby lead to likely funding for future projects. You will build a reputation not only in eyes of our benefactors (USAID, DFID, Large foundations etc.) but also create a following of inspired and dedicated investors.
How to use GGB (ComImp)



Who can be an Investor?

Individuals or organizations wanting to make a social impact investment with financial and social returns.

Examples include: Individuals, Financial Advisors, Fund Managers

What is your role?

You provide capital in order for a community to implement locally appropriate solutions inline with the social objective stated by the benefactor (e.g., improve access to education, provide quality health care). GGB creates simple investment terms for each community based project, and gives you the freedom to choose where your money goes.


Why invest with Global Good Brokerage?

  • It’s profitable – Yes, the benefactors will reward your risk by paying you back your capital + a return on investment for successful projects.
  • You can make a difference – Your investments will directly lead to social/environmental benefits for communities around the world.
  • It’s fun and engaging – Depending on your level of interest you can either invest and sit back, resting assured that GGB has done due diligence on your community project, or directly engage with the community implementers to track the progress of your investment (via email, phone, social media, on-site webcams, and other means).
How to use GGB (Investor)