What is Global Good Brokerage?

The first impact investment marketplace to finance public goods in communities around the world.

Everyone wins
  • Benefactors achieve social & environmental objectives and only pay for success
  • Investors benefit from financial and social returns
  • Community implementers gain credibility, visibility, and funding for locally appropriate solutions.
  • Start investing in the common good today!

    Here’s how you can get involved in GGB:

    Participate in the pilots! We will soon validate the GGB System with pilot projects in East Africa. You can get involved by participating as a:
    • Benefactor - pledge a Reward Fund and achieve your objective, risk free
    • Investor - invest in projects and benefit from financial and social returns
    • Community Implementer - submit local solutions, get funding, and go to work
    Give your input - Global Good Brokerage is a new innovation we welcome input on the model and support to help us launch GGB. Email us info@ggbrokerage.com or contact us below!
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